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About the Missouri Insurance Coalition, Missouri Insurance Information Service, and MIC-PAC

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The Missouri Insurance Coalition (MIC) is a nonprofit governmental affairs and consumer education organization representing the insurance industry. MIC was established to foster a better understanding of the insurance business. MIC strives to improve the regulatory climate and maintain a free enterprise competitive system in the insurance marketplace.

Approximately 85 insurance groups and affiliated organizations, along with the industry's largest trade associations, are members of MIC.

MIC's Legislative Committee reviews all legislative and regulatory proposals pertaining to insurance and establishes the organization's governmental affairs agenda. MIC actively promotes its positions to state legislators and regulators.


The Missouri Insurance Information Service (MIIS) prepares and disseminates informative educational materials for the general public concerning the business of insurance.


The Missouri Insurance Coalition Political Action Committee (MIC-PAC) lets insurers pool their monetary contributions to fund candidates for the state legislature. This is a separate entity for those who wish to participate on an optional basis. Missouri law permits corporations to make contributions to political action committees or directly to candidates who are running for political office.

Praise for MIC

"These challenging times for the insurance industry require strong effective voices on behalf of the business. The Missouri Insurance Coalition and Missouri Insurance Information Service are important voices for insurers in the state and a valuable mechanism for achieving unity and coordination."
Lowell Beck, President/Retired
National Association of Independent Insurers

"Today, legislators are equipped with computers and aided by numerous assistants. Through MIC and MIIS, we can ensure that our message is being heard in Jefferson City."
Gus Lehr, Chairman of the Board/Retired
Shelter Insurance Companies

"MIC and MIIS are needed to ensure a healthy insurance climate in Missouri. Opposing forces are well funded and self-serving. Membership in MIC and MIIS is a prudent investment."
Chuck Cramer, Manager/Retired
U S F & G Company

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